ultra violent – the wordshipper كلمات اغنية

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[intro: logic]
you have interfered with our affairs for the last time
yeah, yeah
ch-ch-check, mic check, one, two
straight from the underground type sh-t
when i write sh-t, yeah, type sh-t, ayo (ayo)

[verse 1: logic]
behind the mic or on the mpc is where you’ll find him
f-cking waste of life, you should’ve died in the condom
17 days, your whole sh-t beyond too weak
i grip the mic and blow the spot like plastique
the bomb atomically, the lyrical anomaly, b-tch, i’m on one
yeah, you f-cking with the wrong one
i wrote this sh-t backstage in an arena
pep and jordan sippin’ pellegrino, never aquafina
been through a lot of pain, yeah, that’s word to gina
i grip the mic like a machete, f-ck
grip the mic like a machete, get ready, don’t do me petty
or i’ll do you like bruce willis did that boy zeddy
feeling arrogant, all up in your system like heroin, it’s easy
know my beats bumpin’ like deezy
“wu tang forever,” get the c.r.e.a.m., sh-t’s breezy
whip out my d-ck, how it taste?
i’m c-mmin on your face, i’m a savage, your sh-t is average
yeah, ha, on this day, we become legendary
everything we dreamed of, b-tch, i creamed up and rolled out
illest motherf-cker on the scene, don’t bring yo’ hoe out
louis on my feet, best believe i’ma show out
my sh-t bananas, no doubt, huh
yeah, you bet’ not bring your hoe out
you motherf-ckers ain’t got no clout
kick in the door, waving the .44
bobby-boy ain’t never rap on some sh-t like this before
contradictin’ himself on every other song
i got different calls for different occasions
this sh-t is amazing, now let me run that sh-t back, i f-cked up
listen, listen, ayo, contradictin’ himself on every other song
i got different moves for different occasions, my sh-t is amazing
barely scratching the surface, i’m barely f-cking grazing
on the beat machine, dropping gems like back [?]
i gotta leave the booth ’cause my homeboy’s blazing
tryna get so hot and not a f-ckin’ thing faze him

[interlude: logic]
from the underground (underground)
and we’re uh-, from the un-
uh-uh, from the underground (underground)
if-if we’re, if we’re un-

[verse 2: the wordshipper]
yeah, meeting adjourned, ain’t none of your concern
i’m just dropping bodies, making sure i get the k!ll confirmed
now, sit, and tell me i ain’t the sh-t
i spit fire like dragons, i’m calling the shots like madden
one wish, like aladdin, to make it or die rapping
i’m snapping like two fingers, a free thinker with anger
enraged i stagger, after the matter, reading scriptures like a pastor, think you shattered my dreams?
just made a dent in the plaster
burn it down, when my lp drop
yeah i’m cutting records like a picture gets cropped, for that ig
i guess, i’ma do the right thing, like spike lee
i’m on the inside, man, eavesdropping that mic, g
we bumping that tribe, like cherokee
hop up in the luxury j-double-e-p, if you know what i mean
yeah, ayy, check it, yeah
i came from nowhere on the scene like mandarin, taste of blood
metallic, like iron man, that is the plan
dealing these bars out like heroine, h-ll bent, with the devil flow b-tch you don’t even know
i got way more to show, that’s just what i tell
till the fortune comes true like zoltar
bolt for the door, you penny-less
respecting these veterans, while making a reference
my preference, never the less
getting this money, keep the haters h-lla bent, what i meant, yeah
yeah, yeah, ayy

- the wordshipper كلمات اغنية