tik tok parody – thecomputernerd01 كلمات اغنية

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wakeup in the morning feeling like nick jonas(oh my gosh!)
i got my pixy sticks and hair brush
this happens every day
i’m really lazy
all i do is sit and eat this cheese stick
my pants are on the ground
i think i’m going crazy
talkin aunt jemima on my toes, toes
peter griffen on my clothes, clothes
chopsticks all up in my nose, nose(ouch,is that blood?)
takin my mysp-ce pic in the bathroom
eating all of these cheese sticks
turning into a hobo
let’s punch captain crunch
then we’ll eat his face for lunch
fly a kite
drink some sprite
till we go to sleep tonight
tik tok
found a rock
gonna knock this posers’s socks off
whoa! they’re purple
woah, woah woaoah!
i just ordered a pizza
as well as 46 others
cuz my fridge was out of milk
so i talked about it’s mother
and my friends are lining up
because they’re waiting for their meal
oh i just opened up my toilet seat to shaquille o’neal
i got mad so i punched my van,van
turning into a man,man
started my very own clan,clan
chew gum then stick it on a tree,tree
just kidding that could kill a bee,bee
going on a killing spree
ouch!i shot my knee
(chorus x2)
my car smelled really bad
so i wore some plaid
i bought myself an air freshener
it’s called peachy peach
but it smelled like an elk
so i threw it out
and tweeted all about it
now i just restocked the fridge
i bought 2%
(chorus x2)

- thecomputernerd01 كلمات اغنية