100 – ti’lash maroni كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

lord pray for me
i know been a bad boy and uhm..
i been bad a lot more times than being good…
i pray you save me!

eh eh eh…

welcome 2 milan

eh! eh! check !

i know say i be sinner i know
what you thought, i’m from naija…not sierra leone
my people dey feel me at home…
if you don’t f*ck with me, will you leave me alone??
you mess with me…you gone!
you mistakenly mess with gone!
you and your n*ggas are f*cking pr*cks to me, y’all chicken ass c*ck wey dey chew corn !

i done many sh*ts
i run many streets…you don’t brag about your sh*ts for where mеn dey sit
and lemme rеpeat! yeah lemme repeat it
nkan ti ba gbin, fimile lemme reap it!…
mo de mo po’jo kan n bo to ma wun yin la ti be simi sugbon teeeni ri pit !
e de ma be simi…e ti mor measurement already, say na 6 feet !
tear anybody for hood…dey watch, e fit be you dem go tear next
after my god and my parents…wo! omo na myself i fear next !
mehn i dey clear whatever dey mind, i no care if dey talk say im losing fans
pe mi ni beast, pe mi ni devil…but i dey control your mind like i’m lucifer

i’m on my 100
24/7, 365 i be doing this all night
they be spreading rumors bout me…know the things i do, other talks mehn it’s all lies
negativities about me….but the realers no dey doubt me
talking sh*t about me…but it’s alright
it’s alright !

yunno bro
light creates understanding
and understanding creates love, you get me ?
love creates patience, and patience creates unity
the media, the most powerful entity on earth
they create power, make innocent, guilty
to make the guilty, innocent…
that’s power !
because they control the mind of the masses…
you get that ?

and right now im tryna make no friends
i’m tryna make money
and at the same time, i fear no foe, i mean i fear n0body !
koni da fun eni ti o ni da fun!
wo…omo ale l’everybody !

- tilash maroni كلمات اغنية