30 – timo كلمات اغنية

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yeah, yeah, yeah
.30 gang sh*t, man
you know how the f*ck we comin’, n*gga
.30 boys, man
gang, gang
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
ayy, psa, man, we ain’t f*ckin’ with no n*ggas, man
otf sh*t, man, you know how the f*ck we comin’, man
i just wanna, you know
i’m just talkin’, man, talkin’, man, you know?
yeah, yeah, .30 gang
.30 gang sh*t, man

[verse 1]
yeah, catch him at the store, run in that b*tch and face his ass
catch him with his ho, so what? we want his f*ckin’ head
you can have a n*gga for low, them k!llers want you head
them k!ller on yo’ head, put .30 on that man
do his ass so dirty, can’t no drum unit save his ass
do his ass in broad day, hop out and chase his ass
them hollows maze his ass, have lil’ bro face his ass
.30 k!llin’, don’t got too long that boy a paper tag
we playin’ laser tag, and he for sure*for sure get smoked
we want him and his man, you still a rat
you gave a statement but ain’t take a stand
n*gga, i been drillin’ opps since i was into timo bands
ain’t never slid up on an opp but tryna snake yo’ mans
n*gga, how the f*ck you do that?
yeah, yeah, yeah
no cap, big .30 in this b*tch
everythin’ i say, man, this sh*t no cap
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 2]
n*ggas got the lo’, shot up the crib but ain’t hit sh*t
loot out 53rd, you n*ggas rookie than a b*tch
if it was the other way around, my n*ggas kickin’ the door and sh*t
had you leavin’ right out that b*tch, run up shootin’ you in yo’ sh*t
i don’t smoke opps no more, everytime i do they call lil dit
catch a h*llcat in the hood and then they mad, that b*tch gettin’ flipped
n*ggas be talkin’ that sh*t, n*ggas not really on sh*t
ridin’ around with yo’ gun in yo’ stash, boy, you really a b*tch
have this lil’ b*tch that stay on the 5, she tell me when they kickin’ it
got this lil’ b*tch give me every lo’, she just charge a lil’ ticket
i’m not tryna be on vivid, i’m just tryna sell out my tickets
hit the stage and rock that b*tch, i’m in there signing b*tches titties
i’m on stage with them glizzys, i’m on stage with them .50’s
n*gga play, try to get near me, put six in him from the glizzy
off them perc’s, i’m feelin’ dizzy, like to talk sh*t like i’m dibby
that ho know i got a b*tch, she tried to give my d*ck a hickey
that ho know i got a b*tch, she on my d*ck, wanna get up with me
get her uber to my sh*t, she suckin’ d*ck soon as she seen me
can’t be f*ckin’ with that b*tch but d’usse make her swallow s*m*n
say she f*ck ’cause i’m a rapper, kick her out, that b*tch was tweakin’
my b*tch pregnant, anybody play with her gon’ end up sleepin’
n*ggas thought he was runnin’ up on me, almost die tryna be creepin’
hunnid thousands views in two days, b*tch, i’m geekin’
two hunnid thousands views in five days, b*tch, i’m a baby g*nius
.30 gang sh*t, n*gga
this big .30 on this b*tch
.30 gang, yeah, yeah, yeah
.30 gang, yeah, yeah, yeah
.30 gang, yeah, yeah, yeah
i’m lovin’ all of this

- timo كلمات اغنية