birthright – today is the day كلمات اغنية

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a story of courage and love. in the ocean i will wait. drowned soul no man. i wll fight for whats mine. in my sights i can deal with you. i can’t look back. i can’t look down. i can’t look up. my swords thrown down. take your bad breath take your bad jokes leave here so fast so fast you choke can’t be true can’t be wise can’t be great hypnotized i have won you have lost burning faith feel the cross and it stays with you and it burns in you acid burns for you you can bleed on me please just sh-t on me while your f-cking me can’t get rid of steve makes me puke makes me die hurts so bad i wanna die i return to earth to take my throne to take my name back as your lord i say what way you live until i say so rain rain down above crash down so hard can’t feel the downpour i an empty man an empty plan i feel so desperate when the time has come for me to leave i’ll make my way home last the time has come to lead this world to take what i’ve won in the time it takes for me to say that i can’t stand you you’ll regret your birth and what i’ve done to your family inside this molten man this hollow earth that i came from shun what you’ve learned remember where you came from bind your heart and mind use your hand not your fist man strength real godd-mn strength comes from love not hate man free i am free i’m gonna live the way i want to i will not stand and be taken can’t you hear what i say i came to town and sold you a slave but you could care less the kindness i’ve shown you could bear less and let the truth be shown i don’t wanna worry but i’m worried about today i don’t wanna hurry but its you that acts ashamed every f-cking dollar that i really f-cking need working like a robot can’t afford to even bleed in the heart of silence the peace can’t be restored in the eye of violence the children that i mourn train the act of violence its you that should be warned i prey an act of violence its you that i reward and now i play the vi olin to soothe the open sore it sounds so clear and pure i think i’m gonna c-m you know i think your mean i think you’re f-cking sc-m you’re gonna take a fall a really heavy fall lazy your a dog not a man not an ant can’t be had i’m so glad wish you were me not alone truth has been restored and here i stand my dead nightmare faith has been adorned as a vest that will end this power true raw power has a price i won’t hurt you twice the achs and pains in my back that i live through fly fly far away don’t look back don’t come home go go far away where i said that i would find you cuts through bullsh-t weed em right out stress him he can take it deny yourself the blame don’t be the game that they are playing

- today is the day كلمات اغنية