working on a song – todd snider كلمات اغنية

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my first day in nashville didn’t seem like much of one
drinking ’til i’d fallen asleep out in the sun
working on a song i guess i’m still working on
it’s called “where will i go now that i’m gone”

when that idea first came to me i was only twenty-two
at twenty-five i’d realized it was all that i could do
to make to the end, but then again, i always knew
if i never got it finishes i could die trying to

last night i thought i had it right here in my hotel
faded out the further asleep that i fell
when i woke up this morning i was more than twice my age
and i had left myself this note here on another empty page

“where will i go now that i’m gone”
they said “maybe you’re been chasing a song too long
“it’s turned into a song about a song you’re working on
“i mean it’s gone, man, come on, let it go”

but you know, giving up a dream is just like making one come true
it’s easy to sit around talking about, it’s harder to go out and do
but for this one last question, i’ll give up on this song
“where will i go now that i’m gone?”

now that i’m gone
now that i’m gone
where will i go now that i’m gone

- todd snider كلمات اغنية