1601 freestyle – toldyaa كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

tell me that you coming home
you’ve been outta town for weeks
an ask if i’m alone
you ain’t tryna creep
you wanna set the tone
take off ya lil’ shoes
and go put on a robe
you gon’ buy a bottle
cause you feelin’ litty
you text my ass again
and ask me what i want
you know every night
that i’ma ask for henny
and buy a magnum
cause you know i wanna go for long

saying should she trust me
cause she only doubt me
askin’ who i’m f*ckin
when she ain’t aroun’ me
knowing i got needs
that she knows she cannot meet
but i can’t have a baby
by another body

tell me you don’t love me
if you know you don’t
cause i know you won’t
i got a sea of promises
so baby stay afloat
i lost a lot girls
that just couldn’t cope
they just couldn’t though
looking at my feed
all these dm’s
that i read
but you know that i’m too weak for that
reply to what i see
saying things i do not mean
telling girls i wanna see that ass

you told me know everything
like it means anything
i’m here right now
so all them girls irrelevant
and we’re not in question

she can’t even look my way
or in my face
saying that the love has gone away
but girl you know i have my ways
i stayed the same
i ain’t let a d*mn thing change
and no we cannot have a break
just walk away
you can get up out my place
i don’t care girl if you need a day
cause i can’t wait
tell me if you not my baby
(my baby)

tell me if you not my baby (x4)
tell me if you not my baby yeah

my baby
tell me if you not my baby (x4)
tell me that you not my baby
tell me that you not my baby
tell me that you not my baby

- toldyaa كلمات اغنية