3rd rail – tommy nova كلمات اغنية

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flarin’ sirens, scaring noone as we stand in silence
although they clearly the victor when comparing violence
daring tyrants abuse power
few true, majority blue cowards
paid leave when the news sours
tales from the crimes side
bridges burned every time my mom cries
it’s real, every other corner’s like a 3rd rail
nothing but a well marketed third world
your lifes at stake
thе weak or the strong, detеrmined by how much you make
whos dreams deflate, arise ’til the curse is lifted
the struggle, the triumph through song
to the gifted

and thank you because now it’s my time

this that parmesan aroma when it’s ramadan
feel like an ambient when noone switch to ambiance
flippin’ dollar signs, living through phenomenons
dumb it down and throw the spin on it like a logic [?]
lived a life of crime, now i’m reapin’ benfits
draw the lanes all out the circle, that sh*t’ll never miss
scriptures and felonsits, crushing what i rebel against
still speakin’ in code, i’m no intelli*[?]
now we big as elephants who can’t a soul tell a sh*t
stack paper colossal, smack haters with bibles
cause i’d rather count an m than go viral
who the champ? better knock ’em out, spit on the title
that [?] lyricist, who spinnin’ on vinyl
school of hard knocks, n*gga this is your finals
and thank you because now it’s my time

[verse 2]
been looked over for no talent with no balance
pintos against a land rover with no mileage
no challenge, still i chose to go silent
let ’em dig they own grave, how you expose cowards
my trajectory is especially enormous, in the land of bland i got the recipe
more sazon, finished cloth and nylon
a powerful [?] trying to f*ck with an icon
trick of pythons, cheetahs, and hyenas
strapped to the t, a hoodie, and fly sneakers
match me defy speakers, [?] thesus
pick up that glitter, let’s take it back to the streets, kid
raw business is authentic, we all in it
f*ck that yes man sh*t, n*gga we all winnin’

and thank you because now it’s my time

- tommy nova كلمات اغنية