.001 – tonyleon كلمات اغنية

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[skit: cori ca$h]
that’s what keeps me going through everyday to be for real with y’all. bruh, like god be bless–just the fact…you remember how bad i was complaining to you about that job bruh, and how i didn’t want to go in today? god was just saying are you willing to go the extra mile for me just to see what i’m talking about. walked in that b-tch, the shift went by smooth as f-ck, ain’t sh-t happen, and that dude texted me back and said: “yeah we still on for the feature”. about $300, with [censored]. [censored] got a hundred and sixty-eight point something…thousand followers. on twitter. bi–like. i’m-i’m…i promise to god i’m not lying to y’all. it makes me want to break down in tears. i’ve–and i didn’t use to explain god to people like this bruh, but like…it’ll make you laugh

- tonyleon كلمات اغنية