300 floor hotel – toy bastard كلمات اغنية

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while you were asleep
they blew up the embassy
a 300 floor hotel
with just one fire escape

former life hippies with eyes that gleam
a zippo*lighter greatest generation dream
i’ll kneel and say a prayer for you
i’ll kneel and say a prayer to you

we had a real good run
at the commune today
we achieved full contact for over six hours
shouting july, july, july

but then we got real tired
and the buildings keep getting taller
but the people
stay the same

you’ve feathered your nest, and you’ve spirited away
each spectacular year in the bed where you lay
now clucking your tongue, what must be must be
oh what a terrible shame for my friends and me

and i saw britannia walk into the rain
a 300 storey hotel with just one fire escape
oh but you bit the bullet, you inheritors of the stars
i’ll bet you gave up on your children the way you gave up on mars
so simple to say, so easy to take
when the lives are a stage show and the gunshots are fake
so drink up your wine now, the red and the white
but you could have done something, you could have left on the light

- toy bastard كلمات اغنية