-3 (6ix9ine diss) – trapp tarell كلمات اغنية

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taylor, bout to f*ckin’ flex
watch the colors

[verse 1]
this n*gga can’t rap, quit screaming at me
b*tch i’m not your f*cking child, speaking of child well it’s kinda low
so i ain’t gon’ bring being a pedophile, well i kinda did
but to keep it real bro that ain’t really my f*cking style
i much rather burry your ass to death, like way in the walk the green mile
like i really do this without instagram looking stupid
somehow they became a new blueprint to be on that foo sh*t
they claimin’ you creeper’s a whooper
now maybe claim both like you just did did
your fans gon’ say that i’m clout chasing
i’m tryna see what the chase about
mine say, “trap k!ll a new n*gga”
i said if you name ’em i’ll take ’em out
most of ’em said “k!ll 6ixty9inе” i said two numbers what’s that about?
they say he say takе no l’s, that’s crazy i’m licensed to give ’em out
them bars in your rap you don’t live ’em out
it’s something that i have to figure out
bro said, “gansta’s movin’ silent” and a b*tch couldn’t come with a bigger mouth
that’s why he stay talking his sh*t, rocking his sh*t
knowing d*mn well you ain’t sparking this sh*t
we all know that’s a marketing sh*t, ’cause boy till side you not fighting and sh*t
the f*ck? i’ve had enough shoot me the fate prove that you tough
you say you a kid, boy listen up you’re 22 you’re not a child bruh (uh)

[verse 2]
i’m back at it like a crack addict, something tells me 6ix9ine you don’t taste the rainbow
you backpackin’ but they might grab it if he ain’t [?]
out in l.a. where you can’t go j. cole said
“stacking money effort, when you wake it up and start questioning where the fame go?”
who cares what he talkin’ bout though? getting this clout as your mango
let’s talk about clout, you came from chicago a song that was made by the youth
just know the way i said n*gga got the juice
you done let me put in a sentence for you
like, kendrick got clout, cardi got clout, drake got clout
in the biggest amount so y’all had a chase to make this sh*t safer
when n*ggas come at ya outta take your ass out
i guess asking a feature is clout chasing that’s tryna get a rapper’s fanbase
being on tour with a bigger rapper is a clout chasing that’s what y’all say
you mean to tell me 50 clout chased when he came out and dissed ja rule?
do you see it n*gga? make that n*gga fool then he f*cking blew
and got rich to you, you wack ass n*gga

- trapp tarell كلمات اغنية