conciousness – travishariot-ski_nny_boi كلمات اغنية

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conciousness prod. vintageman

i got everything i need

i got a piece of mind

i got my music grind

the past all behind

i ain’t got the time

to be running blind

look into my soul you’ll find

more than my surface

more than my versus

i where my heart on my sleeve

a tattered soul with patched up holes

i’ve paid a lot of tolls in my life

through it all i’ve stayed alright

i got a goal in my sights

skinny boi flows tight

i feel like telling a story

one where i came out of purgatory

cooking this up in the laboratory

for the real music category

listen up this is auditory

for your ears

don’t follow your peers

think for yourself

ninja i go stealth

right into your brain

obtain the knowledge

that i speak to you

not all the media is true

don’t let it control you

mental prison is they vision

my ideas cause a collision

make a decision

on what to believe

believe your own thought

don’t leave it to a mainstream bot

your mind will rot

bloodstream clot

you got hit

that’s a headshot

my life an open book

i’ll tell you all it took

to bring me where i’m at

i don’t carry a gat

i don’t f-ck with rats

blowing this up landmine

grew up with a landline

i’m on the frontline

of this rapping sh-t

i fell behind in my life

but got back up

laced up

was 12 got maced up

had to step my game up

i used to be a young dawg

that didn’t give a f-ck

i’ve learned a lot in 2 years

i’m different than i appear

i’m realer in my career

my conscious all clear

bossin up

grab the wheel and steer

my past in the rear

didn’t you hear

our society is controlled by puppeteers

all the concious disappear

i got nothing to fear

nothing to fear

confidence of a lion

i ain’t lyin

imma keep tryin

feet on the pavement

made it out moms bas-m-nt

don’t get complacent

consistency is key

i’m a real emcee

knocking goals down k!lling spree

imma need my appearance fee

love yourself dropping

december 15th

then it’s on to shows

that how tfg gets down and goes

we run sh-t on our own

coming correct

we coming to collect

writing with some intellect

check my choice of subject

no subliminal all direct

something you can’t object

its somewhat of a m-ss effect

in theory or in concept

i move strategically with ever step

i plan to manifest my dreams

till my team on every tv screen

i’m not saying i’m the best

i’m saying do what makes you happy

until your very last breath

- travishariot ski_nny_boi كلمات اغنية