111 tb – twopas كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

on the road again…

im frozen

in the moment
because the glare from your smile so golden
energy on 10 so potent
new years 19 glad you noticed
but things can change so fast
on to the next order door dash
no breaks crashing straight into cash
can’t go any where without the mask
i don’t understand how i can be so happy but yet so sad
gah dang
day to day a journey with this sh*t
had to islolate surrounded by basics
had to islolate with the free masons
had to practice patience
took the time to breathe in cadence
fully tapped into the matrix
now my life has no latence
i just wake up and they all naked
no blankets
but pigs in the blanket served for breakfast
then get griding to the checklist
when i speak they interupt with message
i, i, i, i, hope you get the message
iphone unlock, non stop checking
no nike, just a knight, full sweating
alexa vibe check play something
get this place jumpin, jumping
pharell type beat no fronting
blood pumping
drop it like its hot
drop him cause he not
we lit he a jitt, gang sh*t no crip
its cause
we act like blood
regardless of lineage
want you part of this
no gimmicks
loyalty unwavering
jehovah witness
apostolic mind state
the way your
throat game
the way your
throat game
got me linguistic
i i i am gonna miss this
i i i am gonna miss it
i know you tired of these drunk messages
no more texting girl
i’ve been cut off
i, i, hope you get the message
i hope you get the message
hope you get the freakin message
think about you
when i’m texas
on a flight to the north west
your throat game (oh)
you on my mind
your throat game
your throat game
your throat game

- twopas كلمات اغنية