see myself – ty infinite كلمات اغنية

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man i want to k!ll myself, free myself
i’m sick of this, i could never be myself
you can’t reach my shelf, well neither can i
i can’t even see myself, i can’t even see myself

[1st verse]
when i look into the mirror i’m a bit blurry in the face
so i wipe it down to make it clearer but no change
like you hit it on the dot
down to the cent in walmart paying
like always left out
cause no one gives a f-ck about what i’m saying
trying to speak a little louder, emphasize the vowels
but my horses got no power
strike three? no that’s a foul
next batter up but the oven don’t work
so the endpoint is worthless
cause all it does is burn sh-t
it’s absurd man, i’m over it
and in truth i’m just a loner aloning it
that realization hurts worse than a lower hit
and yo, i’m thinking of slip-tight roping it

if everyone really has a purpose, why the f-ck am i here?
can’t think of a better way to word it, why the f-ck am i here?
you can’t answer it, it’s not possible
so take a moment to know that this all is illogical
anything and everything makes no sense
no one has a reflection cause this world is so dense
all this time spent trying to buy a f-cking house
but i’m still paying rent to this whole f-cking town

[2nd verse]
my standards are dull but my requirements are vivid
i barely review any applications submitted
yeah, i just go with it height is to a midget
or a homeless person finding food in the trash, sifting
all of us just f-cking go with it, all clones
accept the life you live, you can’t change sh-t, god knows
devil too, so which one has got hold, both
capital and underlined, bold
anger, depression, coexist in a sh-ll
in the same room where i’m commixing heaven and h-ll
i fell into a bottomless black hole
until i created hope and escaped from the depths
i rose like photosynthesis
then i wrote long sentences that make realistic images
with metaphors and symbols and keep going
don’t stop, you can only do better
perfect hip-hop right on down to every single letter
it doesn’t matter how long it takes or the difficulty
got rusty brakes, expired date but it isn’t faulty
and i’m late for the seminar, it’s a minute far
but i’m trying to save a waste of time
cause the price is freaking large
and i’m bumping e rolling down the street
take it to the last drop trying to reach my destiny
the best there’ll ever be, i’ma be
you don’t believe? we will see
slap in the face to those who doubted me
i’m in an egocentric predicament living it
of the mind i’m infinite
it never quits, sickening
like i’m about to explode on some s-d-stic sh-t
those thoughts are on and off but stay in my business
seeming like i’m in denial i cry help
having a case of solipsism i lie still
and contemplate on my life’s wealth
in high hopes that one day
maybe i can see myself


- ty infinite كلمات اغنية