04 skinhead – ultima thule كلمات اغنية

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well, living it ain’t easy
in times hard as these
but a beer and a laugh for a restless soul
equals a pint of peace
so think of friday evening
yeah, think of all the fun
i recall how you stood up for me
when i’d fallen to the ground

no longer am i close shaved
no skinhead look i wear
turned into mr. normal
but for you i still do care
have myself a gl-ss or two
raise it high, this song’s for you
remember time is now gone
skinhead never walks alone

in a cold wind blowing
a hare rain’s coming down
i hear they are seeking reasons
looking for someone to hang
but for someone stupid actions
you shouldn’t all get the blame
ignorance and prejudice
they’re acting just the same

- ultima thule كلمات اغنية