#3 blew my mind – under the bed كلمات اغنية

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10 ways to tell you’re a true 90s kid
number two made me laugh pretty hard

has science gone too far?
is this image real or fake?
cl!ck to find out

25 lifehacks you won’t believe
number 3 legit blew my mind
1 in a million will solve it
this makes me a

found out it’s hard to look
(it’s hard to look) away

you noticed something changing?
(there’s something wrong)
ya feel me?

have i gone too far?

only gamers will get this lol
watch this ugly f*ck getting laid
find h*rny girls in your town
’n’ don’t say a word
don’t stop caressing your phone
scroll, swipe and tap
you like it, huh?

science states my iq’s high
‘causе i like beer and i’m always late

send. rеad. ignore. recharge
this sh*t doesn’t work: i want it done
this day just passed
and i forgot the smell of rain

found out it’s hard to look
(so hard to look) away
you wonder why it all tastes stale?
(should i cl!ck to find out?)

the warmest sun woke me this morning
the rays of light that hit my backbone called me
(i heard voices in the woods)

this happiness i feel
i found it in the trees
the fields are breathing

10 ways to tell you’re numb as f*ck?
you’ll just need one: you have to wake!
and wake!
you feel me? you feel me?
i’m cloaking myself in
the blackest night you’d fear
the sky is listening

progress is pointless, brother
if you forget what makes you breathe!
and breathe!
you freed me! you freed me!

pointless progress?
that’s not logic

- under the bed كلمات اغنية