lose control – ungdømskulen كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1]
oh tired bones
what do you know?
the road back home
could feel this long
pale face sun
on the rise
blushing cheeks
paper-cut eyes

stuck in the landslide
that we caused
zigzagged on all fours
breaking hearts
i tried to get sweet with you all
working so hard just so
we can
lose control
lose control
lose control

oh last night
what a show
what once was dry
now was soaked
blinking eyes
at the mob
ricochet blow
from shooting stars


[verse 3]
i can feel the world
i doubt it ever noticed me
if i can’t have you now
we can postpone
the tiresome stabs of reality

[verse 4]
oh steep stairs
humbled steps
fill the room
with reek of sweat
it was real
it was right
cracked a smile
closed my eyes

- ungdomskulen كلمات اغنية