3.14… – unknxwn كلمات اغنية

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what i want and i feel do not agree
it’s stopping me from reaching to all that i could
i try to be good but my thoughts keeps stalling me
i’m not an angel, don’t call to me
i’ll make you regret it, don’t fall for me
i know that i did but i hate that i said it
i’m guessing that love is just not for me

i cannot trust what i feel
stuck in the l*st i know this isn’t real
i’m feeling crushed, i might crush up a pill
you know how it goes, at this point it’s a drill

wake up, feel f*cked, go to sleep, repeat
i miss real love, n0body needs me
i fall, get stuck, no one can reach me
to me do not look up, ain’t fun to be me

i smoke for the pain, life in the drain
i wanna forget so i go grab a drink
do i really need it though? i do not think so
it seems that the drugs all that help with the pain though

so i’mma get f*ckеd up
don’t want advice, shut the f*ck up
when i was alivе you ain’t act like you care
so the day that i rise i won’t show love
leave me alone, just leave me alone
don’t care if you stay cause i just wanna go
no not to a place, to the grave where we go
when we get erased from the life that we know

evil in my head
don’t try to care either when i’m dead
cause honestly i got like 3 friends
you can’t save me, i’m stuck on the deep end

i don’t care, life ain’t fair
she’s not here, i’m not there
i hate this oh i swear
i can’t make this up out of air

bleeding out, i’m on the floor
don’t care about it anymore
i’ve tried time and time again
i don’t think that i was meant for this

i’m a piece without a place
i’m a mask without a face
not too long before i break
you should stay out of the way

cause the day i do
i won’t consider you
i’ll just burn it all
along with anyone too

- unknxwn كلمات اغنية