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no i can’t change at all
i ain’t taking my chain off
all these hundreds i got on me right now i ain’t got no change at all

i’m f*cking her once no calls
i don’t want no strings involved
i’m getting them knocked off the general i’m above the laws
big gun b*tch dangling off me
f*ck around and be bleeding out
good za in my lungs three five in my blunt d*mn near just strangled me out
you know i’m rolling in route
big cous blood roody he pipe them
draco like lil kodak a sniper
get the pic crop you out with the riffle
i got the cash he ain’t ask for my license
i’ll get the gas just drive be quiet
on my way to a bag sack stashed in the whip
i got drunk and i couldn’t even find it
with my gun by myself i’m a viking
you don’t like me no sense in us fighting
striped up in the vip all riders
pay security we slide with the sliders

switch the flow up in love with my lingo
tapped in with my people i’m smooth as a free throw
no this ain’t no sequel i’m one of one
i’m the one that can get a one out of one
i’ll put you on you’ll forget you a bum
then i’ll cut you off you back scr*ping up crumbs
you keep claiming bodies but you ain’t shot nothing
i roll with some k!llers don’t hide just find us
only one call i don’t have to remind them
i fronted that half stop calling that grinding
passenger side of somebody sh*t riding
i did so much i’m this close to retiring
i’m firing him he fired friday
ruth cris me and bay dining
or somewhere out of town with my phone on vibrant
vibing jiggy little thing she ride it
ass up and down bouncing i like it wiggle
now my head under the pillow
she sucking and slurping i’m mr. popsicle i’m cripple
i can’t feel my legs there they is
now i’m deep diving my d*ck by her ribs
their go a corner little boy take a sit
p*ss me off watch how i come through and sh*t
got drunk with your b*tch
she told me you a b*tch
b*tch bent my pockets ain’t been
ben franks all on me my friends
and i brought my strap put your ass under land
smoking some grinch i don’t sell by the gram
i get so clean like i’m the best man
like i play poker i don’t show my hand
i’m making them scramble i ain’t talking bout eggs
i could never play scrabble it’s just oz in the crib
guns everywhere even one in the fridge
i’m passing them out just not to the kids
i’m real as it get that’s just not a idea
my b*tch know this her d*ck she gone f*ck on her period period
broke n*ggas talking money that’s weird wired
siri i’m serious i’m scared
don’t say much around him beware
i’m the type do my time take the chair

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