18 – utama كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i was born with a wooden spoon and bowl
mama suffered from papa, he was a rolling stone, always bored and wanting more
that’s the undisputed truth
whatcha know about sharing rooms with 4 cousins?
sweating and tearing in our clothes wishing i was back in mama’s womb
my parents battled to put food on the table
me and bro fighting for the last piece like cain and abel
while they suffered miserably, they still loved us unconditionally, even with our delinquency
now it’s time to bring them chivalry, traditionally
marijuana, dealt with devil and his garden
danced with the devil, my technique is immortal
gotta get outta here, destroyed the devil like skepta
everyone hating but no blunt can force this trauma
negative energy surrounding me like an electron, but it only charges me up, proton

[verse 2]
yeah, we chase the bread 24/7 like 7/11 even if it leads us to heaven
even if it’s for a penny more
wanna be batman but i feel like alfred pennyworth more
we chase dreams yet nightmares chase us
dreams of having the cream and the lambo, but i still catch the bus, one day boy
mama told me don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you
cause you’ll never know when they’ll leave you
if you really cared about me, then you’ve heard me when i was quiet
the happiest person in the room is often the saddest
just trying ball like my boy timmy
yeah, feeling blessed, the government gave me that stimmy
a week of food for the fam, ration everything
the pain hit me like a baseball swing
parents relying on me for a better life
stacking and store clerking that’s my nightlife
from living 18 years on this earth
people have only hitted me up when they needed something
they never loved me they just loved the idea of me, that’s facts

[verse 3]
they all ask for things but never ask how i am, still they’re appreciated
when i ask for things they tell me to scram, unappreciated
i’m making ends meet, just enough for weekly rent
gotta give the rents everything in this cold cruel world, they deserve it
cherish them wickedly, l!ckety split
stuck in the trenches like wet cement
my ancestors were sleeping on park benches
isolation was like a vacation, i avoided aggravation and spent my time on reflection
fought my demons as they were lurking me out and about
prayed to god, he knocked him out on his paper route
me and the gang always ready
they got that arthur fist on steady
always true 2 myself, i pray for bust downs like the cover
four leaf clover, please bless myself
ain’t stopping til’ i’m six feet under, yo no one steal my thunder
this for mama, she never got that proper rest when she was younger
i see many with fake designer and financed vehicular, yes you in particular
you’re still a minority
stick with daddy’s car and old clothes cause you’re an inferiority

- utama كلمات اغنية