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mr. sands – van der graaf generator lyrics

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soon as you like, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
in a moment there’ll be a test of your endurance.
stay in your chairs in the event of a dramatic pause
please be aware nothing gets covered by insurance.

one final thing:
please take the trouble to read through your notes,
it’s important that you know where you’ve got to go to.
wait a moment, maybe the usherette’ll show you.
such excitement, these are the hoops you’ve got to go through…

the noises off that turn you on stage whispered from the wings,
a stifled cough, a joke that bombs, a smoldering fuse wire string.
when mr. sands is in the house the alarm bells start to ring.

everything’s in code
in a world we barely know
and the truth is only slowly revealed…

with best intentions i have strayed far off the beaten track
and of attention i displayed a quite spectacular lack.
now mr. sands is in the house and the panic b-tton’s smacked.

well, mr. sands is in the house: commotion in the stalls
and, from the gods, unruly shouts that echo round the hall
yes, someone’s let the secret out… the safety curtain falls.

and as i look across the stage the thought that first occurs
is less that we have come of age and more that we’re preserved
to p-ss our time in different shades of ignorant reserve.

everything’s in code
till the moment it explodes
we suspend belief, get ready to go
for the playout of the show –
here it is for all we know
mr sands is always ready to roll

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