10. good-bye! – vect كلمات اغنية

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10. good*bye!

look all right? that’s e*f*ckin*nough…so adios

all you punk f*ggots that took me for granted
i’ve had it now you’re abandoned i hope ya rot godd*mnit
you had no luv for me when i was throwing you tons
now we’re at war so i’ll be blowing you up
you’re a sucker punk mothaf*cker selfish shady fake
i wish i was wrong but that’s truth you must take
i’ve had enough of what you shown so i threw it away
you can suck my nuts till you’re blue in the face
call me the assh0l* got no room for you fakes
you’re the biggest reason i’m polluted with hate
i kept my fair mind it was never off balance
your ego ain’t true just ’cause you got talent
you wouldn’t be sh*t if i never gave a f*ck
’cause i brought out the best in you & you know it punk
back stab is my life when i love or care
hating you is harvested from you so beware

this is good*bye
nothing inside could make me think twice
i won’t even look back or behind
we could argue about it & talk all day
but we did it so much it’s best we walk away
for too long i been wronged & tricked by your schemes
but i finished your game when i ripped out your seat that i gave you
talkin’ sh*t like i betrayed you no more free rides b*tch it’s time you paid dues
i tried to be patient i tried to tolerate you
you always had some sh*t to talk but i don’t hate you
better believe that you owe me
but then again i’d rather leave you by your lonely
you weren’t a homie just a phony
i’ll make you choke on all the bullsh*t you told me
i’m sick of your attitude & acting like you’re dying
like everyone’s against you everybody hates you
quit the f*ckin’ lying, stop the f*ckin’ crying
you’re pathetic & i’m done f*ckin’ trying
you’re an idiot oblivious to what ya did
there’s nothing more to say no forgiving you b*tch

this is good*bye
i can no longer look in your eyes the way you be do things i straight up despise
i will show you b*st*rds what i have for doubting me
you fronted for the things ya claimed ya found in me
i can try for decades to make things right
but your arrogance is a brick wall that won’t allow light
stood strong with my crew who weren’t true i knew i was gettin screwed
my 2 words i got for them is “f*ck you!”
you were always so proud could never back down pushed me until i had to put the smack down
now you j*ck*ffs gotta run your jaws about my differences but to you they’re flaws
could never see your wrong
not many believe what i say most are fulla doubt
but i’m gonna prove you wrong & proceed to hold it down
shoulda known this would happen ya jackass
now you get the backhand to get you outta my face
it’s too late
[arguing on phone]
man…don’t**no, don’t even toss me that sh*t you know what the f*ck you did. yeah….well you’re f*ckin stupid then. &**i don’t wanna hear it. i don’t wanna hear it! heard it before! nah…no! that’s all & that’s it motherf*cker….i’m done with your sh*t. have a nice f*ckin life! [cl!cks good*bye b*tton]

- vect كلمات اغنية