10. sick – vect كلمات اغنية

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10. sick

warped ignored held responsible when you don’t heed my warns
’cause fools make me sick i hear punks talking sh*t
they don’t know anything or the facts they ain’t ready when i snap
feel me on that level cuz it’s how i act
banging my head through your expensive kitchen table
jacked up is what i’m labeled a f*cker like myself unstable
don’t approach don’t get too close cuz what i was
memories that had me totally f*ckin’ nuts
now i live it like it’s mine that’s how i’m comin’ on this track
any f*ck out there gets beat down or hacked
to sh*t i’m down like this i’m sick like a slit wrist
people still start a lot of sh*t that’s why i get p*ssed
i’m looking like something that should be locked in a zoo
you all got your rumors about me but f*ck you
i wrote the title of betrayal sick like suicidal
with a temper like a candle wick light it up get stomped & kicked
not afraid decayed in many ways
endured some intense suffering from my darkest days
full of hate use it for those who unlock my gate
i’m not objected to a deserving rape i forsake
the guilty one’s acting impeccable live in denial
i keep you on file only go so far with reviles
satan means nothing i see him in reflections
can’t skool me on it cuz im locked in detention
you call me a freak from the appearance i present
well ain’t you smart that’s why the name is vect
disrespect me test me your f*ckin up
let me wet things like your dome i’m buckin up
but i’m saving my bullets i’m just molestin’ your mind
i’m creepin’ & crawling in there till i’m making you cry
you wanna know about disturbing? well take a look at this
so let everyone know ’cause i lay it real thick
don’t tamper with a maniac i wouldn’t have to trip
shouldn’t f*ck with a mind dark & crooked that is sick

seed of evil born into hate
you don’t wanna be enemies acknowledge what i say
if your asking me questions to grasp me label
then ya better step off & don’t come back later
if you’re calling me something that i’m not even about
i’ll attack like i’m straight out the godd*mn pound
ready to roll on a whole set by myself
& take ’em all down if i can with n0body’s help
walk into your house with that upside down cross
say “wussup” to ya mama as i stare down her bra
as she looks at me thinking the worst
interrupt her thoughts saying “yes a mistake at birth!”
’cause i don’t give a h*ll or a sh*t what you hate
i’d never change if i could so don’t bother to wait
the microphone is my sidekick
spittin’ my evilness all up in your face & i hope ya like it
i take the blame only for what i do
if it’s true cuz i don’t fall for scams, f*ck you!
oh & please keep your child on silence
or i’ll give you a sample of my out bursting violence
willing to bash a ho trash a ho blast a ho insult rob & gash the ho
let me say i don’t fear a name don’t play any games
evil pumps throughout my veins a misfit trying to find his way
handle bullsh*t like richard k
won’t let it end it till it’s in the f*ckin’ grave
no mercy for scumbags that’s how i behave
those i can’t trust i recommend ya stay away
don’t care if you think i’m a piece of trash
hit like a car crash spread my sh*t like a rash
i’ll do what i feel is right f*ck your god
save your preaching i don’t care to hear about some fraud
….yeah….vect**zy…makin’ ya sick!

- vect كلمات اغنية