11. drowned – vect كلمات اغنية

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11. drowned

i seen all your pain it could never match mine
so sympathetic for every one of your wack lies
beckoned for your help when you were my oxygen
you went for self when you used me for help
sticking around for you to laugh in my face
i embraced every little moment of faith
shoulda saved myself the pain & left you to die
thought i lived for you but you left me h*ll inside
i couldn’t break away you were my savior but
bеing in love with you was sliding down the razor
your disgusting heart brеaking behavior
backstabber lie telling traitor always the slaver
called me the bad guy after all your cynical hypocrisy
it made repulsed you meant a lot to me
live with the nails you hammered in my soul
your turn to drown as karma takes a toll

leave me to drown when i made you strong
leave me to drown it was all about you
leave me to drown god you did me wrong
leave me to drown in my love for you
k!llin’ me slow your the reason
the hate for myself your the reason
no more screamin’, i stopped breathin’
your the reason i drowned
you still come around a burden to my life
thank goodness that i never made you my wife
my hate is all you have you torched my heart
no use talking to a dead man in the dark
i’m not there i died in the river of your cruelty
when the same day comes i’ll smile you’ll see
all the tears of mine i tried to swim through
coulda kept me whole if you were the tissues
& i know you plead me, i know you need me
pain ongoing how’s it feel to be me?
now that i died i came back changed
i hope your tortured by your mistakes every day
thinking of our future how much you meant to me
broke the chains of a false destiny
i never needed anything like i needed you
but that’s dead in the past & you were untrue

when that day arrives….you’ll sink to the bottom as i did, like my love…

- vect كلمات اغنية