13. no pity – vect كلمات اغنية

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13. no pity

you want sympathy….is that it? then you’re lookin’ in the wrong place
you don’t value advice….things just pass you by…i don’t feel sorry for ya…that’s your fault

cry & plead the innocence you feel you have
but in my world i let punishment plunge who had
it coming now it’s time you felt & learned something
oh that’s right you can’t accept it so keep on running
i won’t pick you up i won’t give you my help
’cause you did it to yourself, yourself ya didn’t help
what makes you think i’d help a person so pathetic?
only thing you get from me is a laugh that’s apathetic
warnings went unheard you made the wrong turns
the truth hurts like the slug from a mossberg
i won’t be your foot stool i won’t hold you togеther
’cause i can stand on own 2 feet, i know i’m bettеr

i have no pity
embrace your faults you had repercussions comin’ this whole d*mn time
my care is cut like a fuse don’t cry to me for what you decided to choose
i don’t feel bad for pathetics & i don’t really care if that’s upsettin’
my shoulder can’t be borrowed right now or tomorrow i feel no sorrow

you wonder why you’re laughed at well think about it
you made a mess of your resolution & the people ya doubted
your tears mean nothing plus i’m dead in 20 ways
being helpless & stupid, you’ll see what it pays
only apology i can make is to myself for caring
’cause it was pointless to try to ever help an ingrate
you kept your brain hallow when i told you the path to fallow
you walk blindly into sh*t you’re ignorant
pointing fingers at others like an idiot god i’m sick of it
you’re childish & ridiculous
now you got yourself dug deep in the hole
but like they say motherf*cker: ya reap what ya sow
don’t blame me for your misery i put you in no state of mind
to hate yourself or to self destruct inside
i found it hard to give a sh*t on fool like you
i wasted good advice & time to help you through, f*ck you

- vect كلمات اغنية