14. my mind – vect كلمات اغنية

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14. my mind

what is my mind?
what makes my side?
i don’t care how i got it i take the pride
inside an it shows in my eyes the times
born a seed of violence & evil
also there for all the good people
inside it’s heaven & h*ll
never was apart of the racist sh*ll
in this world i can good enough taste the h*ll

mind of a madman & good judgment my
brain cells die & different ones grow
i mess up a lot of times ’cause it just works slow
memory unstable “dumb” is what i’m labeled
i’m diluted but never been polluted
years have opened my eyes
& it all went to the maniacal mind
didn’t plan it i don’t understand it
vulgar vile been there for a while it grew from being on this planet
to assist & punish from this mind that’s frantic

seeing enemies & foes decomposed
visions of pain & death with a black rose
through all the incidents i keep my mind right
i have no fright ’cause i lived in fear then i altered my life
then i became someone i liked i put my guard up from abuse i took
its a thing of pain as big as a book
one of the strangest one of weirdest when it comes to a friend i can be the dearest
i trust my vibes & can feel if you’re devious & yes this minds mischievous
what goes around comes around i’m fair with no discrimination
prejudice isn’t a part of my nation i hold on to purification through the abrasions
self destructing thoughts build when my times are low & ill
but i give thanks to the mic ’cause that’s the pain pill
agnostic i do everything i can for the ones i luv
even i’m exhausted used to be easily fooled
had so much love to give but they weren’t true
& i knew i had to move vigilant about who’s next to stab
i’ll burn them before they burn me an won’t be sad
but i got my eyes peeled can’t roll with anyone that is not real
i’m foolish humorous sinister as h*ll but i fallow my heart true & well
take my kindness for weakness you think i’m blind?
i ain’t stupid anymore can’t patronize my mind
my mind…my mind

- vect كلمات اغنية