14. real evil – vect كلمات اغنية

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14. real evil

not pure evil….but real evil….this i know

i have an evilness so bitter you’ll vomit your soul
i’m from the deepest depths of the unknown delivered to show you
things you fail to truly notice, nothing normal outta focus
you can’t try to fix a soul that’s completely broken
it frightens you to see something as different as i
that strikes your fear like a match & that’s why you despise
i lost everything you have today no love no hope no belief no faith
but i’m proud ’cause i learned what’s true
that’s why you’re terrified ’cause i’m nothing like you!
i’ve witnessed the planets actions unlike most i wasn’t blind
i’ma shadow of myself that’s vanished at right times
negativity embedded in me from as far as i can think
i raised myself after so much that made me bleed
in a h*ll this filthy i can be nothing clean
a fair mind terrifies grown on terror signs, it’s how i clarify

doubt something that is there then you’re unaware
can’t you look in my eyes & see inside all this time?
my behavior & my nature not ultimate or fullest
but this is who & what i am, this is real evil
“mad”, “misunderstood”, “a burden”, “heartless”
“a pestilence” “disturbed” “a man of darkness”
those insinuations are true ill*strations of myself
i cannot deny the traits of the real evil
we’re the opposite i’m droppin’ it harsh
if you’re lookin’ for h*ll no need to look hard, it’s not very far
the heartless populate the world 7 outta 10
but i’ma different kind with morals that most don’t understand
i close my eyes & i can still see idiots
i’m covered in scars i’m nothin’ you are savage beast behind bars
i’ma h*llion, rebellious, 111’s how i’m spellin it
you better listen when i’m tellin’ this
bash the words of holy bibles speak the words of genocidal
standing high in the outcast light with pride of labeled titles
i have nightmarish visuals for day time dreams
seeing scumbags on their knees imploring me with screams
my brain is a provoking influence no dismissing it
my conscious can’t help it’s been bit from it
the monster inside me is infinite can’t get rid of it
scornful to the mortals i’ma breed that doesn’t give a sh*t

- vect كلمات اغنية