15. wish u were here – vect كلمات اغنية

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15. wish u were here

wherever you are….someone tell me

some say a life with no love is no life at all
but that’s been mine every day for me
thought i had it once but it was make believe
the emptiness inside makes me hate to breathe
the hurt that i received that you’d take from me
i tried so hard to keep the faith in mе
for so long in time i’ve hoped insidе
finding you would someday be shown in my life
i wished i prayed i wondered your name
i continued night after night & day after day
lookin’ at a gift i reserved when i found you
you’re there in my mind but not by side
i sit in darkness & i try to push away my lonesome
i break down without you, you’re the only way i’m wholesome
gazing at my candles & envision you with me, then i’m back to reality when it brutally hit me

times like these they just aren’t right
a piece of me is out there somewhere tonight
that i just do not have in my life
god i wish you were here
times like these they just aren’t right
no matter where i look you’re nowhere in sight
that i just do not have in my life
perfection don’t exist but if you were it could
’cause i’m empty & hallow & broken like old wood
all i got is a mic & these dreams of you
they say there’s someone for everyone but i’m here bleeding through
wishing i knew staring long at the moon
loneliness eating at me as a tear hits my shoe
searching like mad but it’s worthless to bother
’cause every time i get close she drops me like it’s the hottest
& i’ve held on the longest but some call me a quitter
but let me see how long you can brawl with a heart*sliver
i lay in bed thinking of you next to me in my arms
instead all i got is my best friend that’s a dog
all my homies around me hand in hand with theirs
i ask what’s doing this to me how is this fair?
i feel so alone i can hear my heart break
i think it’ll be my k!ller to end my dark days

day after day there’s thoughts of you fillin’ me
but you’re just a mirage of my vulnerability
cannot i not find the area that is gray?
why must all my sunshine turn to rain?
i speak to so many that claim to relate
but they jump from person to person something i hate
i’m friends with so many girls but i do not understand
they tell me they don’t wanna take it further or can’t
i hit up concerts & my lack of fun is this
you’re not there as i’m behind ya arms wrapped up with your hips
moving with the jam together that’s bumpin’ on stage
kissin’ your cheek hand in hand to something we sway
& our friendship surely would be stronger then iron
if we got that nothing would ever be caught on fire
but i’m dreamin once again so it’s time to awake
what i wouldn’t give to wake up to the sight of your face

- vect كلمات اغنية