16. intricates – vect كلمات اغنية

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the traits….acting like its impeccable, like nothing occurred, it was all a mistake well….mistakes happen i admit but not intentionally. cause’ they aren’t mistakes. world is cynical, people lie, people use, only thing is you gotta have the right hand to win the game. you give all you got…some still feel nothing’s worth it, when their win gives back no gratitude or appreciation. lies, hope, wishing, relying, hating…kind of all feels the same. different meaning but can all crash the same. it can all brеak the spirit. every days a differеnt article, you just wanna enjoy the headline. i have no halo on my head but you can’t see my h*rns. people are the biggest source to pain…what’s a world? people, not a planet. a planet isn’t anything but sp*ce…..population equals environment, environment equals us. to wake up with pride is a rarity. people revile any smile on your lips, ’cause they don’t have they’re own? or they haven’t been rewarded one for their challenges? some people build a righteous paradigm….i’ve kept mine strong as steel, to find a virtue, staying militant & vigilant. …but i will always encounter the wrath of my isolated incidents. destiny calls….fate blocks…..break through….at any ability

- vect كلمات اغنية