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17. awaiting

keep hating…i’m not about to alter for a piece of sh*t like you. you wanna get rid or me? quit stalling, i’m right here
go to sleep, & when you get injured…it’ll be from the thoughts i’m having of your deserving suffering. someone like you could never understand me…i think you’re a waste of life. you praise the death of a stranger without a clue of them. death is a big gift wrapped box that’s waiting for you to open it. i wanna confiscate your every breath, i wanna see you bleed till you evaporate. you are thе ultimate kind of mistake, you haven’t a cluе of your worthlessness. i wanna see your hateful soul burn in a jar as i stare at it every day, as i laugh the day away. i wanna k!ll you with every insult you ever given the undeserving, my highest apathy can’t even ill*strate the meaninglessness you are to me. i wanna see you eternally raped & ripped apart, i wanna cut your f*ckin’ heart out every time you thought you were better then me. i wanna rip your throat out every time you spit on me. i wanna shatter every inch of your skull for humiliation, i wanna hang you above the river of hate you made. i wanna torch your f*ckin’ brain when you judged me. you’ll get yours…you will, i just hope it’s from me


- vect كلمات اغنية