17. the end – vect كلمات اغنية

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17. the end

i’ve done all i can to make pain disappear
you wanna know about struggle? then close your mouth & listen here
put in the cage so i can’t turn the page
can’t anyone concede me for my ways & rage
now death i don’t fear ’cause i dropped every tear
most the time i can’t bare what i see in the mirror
lost it all now i fall no more calls
& i just can’t win, this infinite brawl
take me to the shadows take me to the clouds
but i can’t have purity while i’m herе i’m not allowed
as i burn i continue to learn bеcause this is just how my world turns

i don’t know when, i don’t know how
when its gonna end held down unbound
hate overthrows me no one to hold me love none shown me pain still folds me
waiting & fighting so much in this hole
i just want it to end i just want it to go
until then i’ll try my hardest to numb the pain
keep the pen flowin’ keep the mic goin till that day

now i live in the end without the best friend
as my feelings of hope & care painfully rend
you don’t know this pain but some can relate
by the time you try to pull me away it’ll be too late
alone for years i’m collecting dust
let me wither & rot & suffer & rust
you know what i learned? there’s just greed on this earth
even when i’m generous i get hurt what’s it worth?
why try an be the nice guy? it don’t work
& the last thing i need around me is a heart teasing flirt
i feel i’m stuck forever won’t a d*mn thing change?
but i keep my guard strong, even if it’s a waste, hey
you would only see it well in my ram shackled brain
trying to keep my mind off this inner pain
trying to find the best solutions dealing with the trueness
my life never gets a way out of this pollution
scars covering my soul i can’t take more of this fate
for bliss to find me i patiently wait
rotted for years is my end far or near?
i’m learning daily how many are scum watched by the 1*1*1
to be free an vanish agony i’d luv to know how
every time i look to the upside it goes back down
how many times i tried to succeed but i’m spellbound
if i’m doomed in the afterlife i don’t care ’cause i’m in h*ll now

- vect كلمات اغنية