the gambit – veurb كلمات اغنية

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you know sometimes, taking a chance ia your best best
don’t be afraid to risk it. shout riefster, shout out spiderman, shout out kezza, shout out bobby

[verse 1]
you ain’t got clue
of what i’m bout to do
hisss, spit the venom on you
sisss, no kapana for you
nah, i’m just fxcking around
aight let’s go

veurb on the beat this shxt legit yeah (ahh)
flowing like you half asleep what is this shxt yeah (huhh)
but enough about that (aye)
goin right off the bat (aye)
demons and the cats (aye)
whippin and whippin in videos (jah)
dreamin and wishin for one of those. (uh)
while you schemin and tripping for foreign hoes (hoes)
i live for the gambit, some of y’all can’t stand it

the gambit
the gambit
the gambit
this is the gambit

the gambit
the gambit
i fxck with the gambit

[verse 2]
i know you n-ggas can’t stand it
but i don’t give a f-ck not tad bit
i pull up like a ghost, hamlet
water the seed d-mn it
you hired the wrong commitment
i inspire the raw and gifted
coz i got rhe veurbal equipment
just got off the phone with the big man
he sending over the shipment
copped a new crib and a whip in a dream man
you bettter handle yo shxt man
or they gon abandon ship, man
n-ggas blow uo and forget that
he grew yo with love and a kit kat
talkin bout commin from nothin (nothin)
talking bout commin from nothin (wuhh)
you had a crib
you had a home
you must be searching for clout
i know you was rich, richer than most
i say that without a doubt
now look at you grown
holding your own
that is what life is about

the gambit (aye)
the gambit (aye)
the gambit
this is the gambit

the gambit
the gambit
the gambit
i fxck with the gambit

[verse 3]
you called me and i skipped it
i took you motherfxcking car
and i whipped it (skrr)
speeding like a cop chase victim
i spit the real, wisdom
i spit the ill, symptom
i spit out the box, prism
i put on mt sandals and socks
and i took a walk on the system
they callin it land of the brave (brave)
they callin it land of the free (free)
that shxt is not guaranteed (facts)
not even a college degree (facts)
now they stressin bout what they achieved (facts)
don’t believe me you must be naive (facts)
don’t mind me i might just bit lit (yeah)
i just be rolling my weed
coz i just be mindin my byeez

this is the gambit bxtch
better understand it bxtxh

- veurb كلمات اغنية