144p [bad mic] – violent remark, mikey da 1st, iceßurg كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: violent remark]
this the xd that is waving my hands
i got a blue check, i be stacking the bands
i hopped off the coup, ain’t no mercedes benz
shoot back at the goons, b*tch, that is the plan
booty slap harder then pb & jam
weed in my jeans, b*tch, i need me a gram
only rock jordan’s b*tch, don’t rock no vans
money be coming in faster, b*tch, don’t need no patience
me and my n*ggas hit the spot, no wasting on time on the feds, blood talk, on some gang sh*t
opps hit the spot, got a glock on my waist, hit the road, gun shot on the block, on gang sh*t
n*ggas wanna beef, but they all caught lacking, all my n*ggas we get to the packing
all this money in the roof, we stacking, chicken noodle soup, b*tch, we get to clapping
opps wanna talk, but these n*ggas keep yapping
stop with that bullsh*t, b*tch quit the chit*chatting
smack you so hard, that you think you is napping
me and my n*ggas we all hit the walk
too many n*ggas, they all wanna talk
b*tch you know that all my n*ggas we eating
snitch on my n*ggas, we all get the teaming
beat yo ass down till yo b*tch ass be sleeping

[verse 2: iceßurg]
coming at you in 144p
behemoth on the beat, who don’t wanna be me?
knocking on my door and you about to bend the knee
may be low quality, but you gon’ have this on repeat
talking mad smack, ’cause we got a bad mic
line these haters up like pins, i’m about to hit a strike
you know we ain’t comparable, you know we ain’t alike
last night, i was riding on yo girl like she a motorbike
alright? you know what i’m saying? we playing
but after this beating, you gon’ be down like you be praying
wanna diss this, ’cause you know you can’t make it
i don’t think n0body cares ’bout you constantly complaining
audio ain’t good, yes it’s almost distorted
i’d offer you a fight, but i know you can’t afford it
i’d say sign the line, but the contract ain’t sorted
just meet me in the streets and you about to get aborted
i take out the trash, you can call me sanitation
if you wanna step to me, you got to send an application
wait in line, these opponents want an altercation?
sure, put yo hands on me, and you boutta face incarceration
you hide behind the bars, i play you like guitar
all this animosity, i find it all bizarre
knock ya’ll out, you gon’ be seeing some stars
put yo body in the coffin, you’re not getting out the graveyard
[verse 3: mikey da 1st]
bad mic, bad voice, i don’t really give a d*mn
still nice, on sight, got unlimited fans
can’t hear no haters they been hittin’ the stands
always seem to have a problem with me hittin’ a grand
no threat, hoes been tryna complicate
but no time, like shrek, just dominate
ya’ll stuck up fools don’t contemplate
i got goals scratch them i been on a rate
to obligate the rap that keep it honest
i’ve been coming with the verses, but they sleeping on it
just grind all day, till i see the profit
but i gotta be the finest, no being modest like
pocahontas, do it for the culture
greater pay check when i’m getting older
homie see me saying you the soldier
that’s the shape of me, hold the sculpture
k!ll it likely, spitting high key
tell em’ back off, cause i’m angry slightly
may be feisty, but it’s all for that gate
only make money when i fill that page
when they feel that rage, when i k!ll that stage
in the hills i’m raised, even still i praise
one life, one god to fulfill my fays
just do what i love, for the real high wage

- violent remark mikey da 1st icesurg كلمات اغنية