love is pain – virgin steele كلمات اغنية

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[music and lyrics: de feis]

i see the winter in her eyes
as i turn to go
see the pain on her face
a frozen rose

with the toss of her hair
and the bite of her lip
she’ll ask me so shy
“anything left to say?”

and i say
“no, no baby, not this time
this time it’s over
you’ve got to learn”

now, darlin’ love is cruel
darlin’ love is blind
love is pain
so cry
shed a tear today
shed a tear my baby
love is pain

i see our love out of reach
arms intwined with lies
what shattered the night
still haunts me in the rain

now you’re lost child, lost
like a ship on the storm
your distant eyes
are shadows of others i’ve known

[bridge & chorus]
i love you
love is pain

- virgin steele كلمات اغنية