360 love – voldy moyo كلمات اغنية

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um, this one is called 360 love

[spoken word]
so it’s two*thousand and seven
and paper world
and the guy that’s been recent through this story
started his journey on mars
which is the safe area
they all need to be safe
because there’s a giant red star
that’s about to crash into paper world
and, err
leave everyone there deceased
errr, but the protagonist has a problem because
he would fly out to papеr world now and again
to see someone
a girl that he was closе to, err
but before the news, like, came about the red star crashing into paper world, um
him and this girl got into quite a * quite an argument
and he said he didn’t wanna see her again, err
and then
the news comes out
before this, he was ready to move one, ya know?
he was happy to move on
err, he*he been to paper world numerous times
and had friends there and
he ended up leaving a lot of friends anyways
but this one girl seemed to have an effect on him
and, he knew that he wouldn’t ever see her again
err, so he went to paper world to try and find her
thank you

- voldy moyo كلمات اغنية