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the extra trip (the way to love me) – wale lyrics

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“the extra trip (the way to love me)”

okay, my game tight. my game right.
don’t even know her name until i know her taste right.
i said my game tight and my game tight.
don’t even know her name until i know her taste, right?

[verse 1:]
uh, p-ssion that she’s asking for. her man’s always slacking, no?
that’s why when he outta town, i make sure she is not alone.
that’s when she gone hit my phone, tell me what’s been going on.
tell me what’s been on her mind and i’m inclined to know some mo’.
tired at her normal seat, 9 to 5 is all it be.
cubical is small as sh-t and co-workers is talkative.
burn the phone, don’t call the crib. boyfriend on that jealous sh-t.
he fathers her only kid, that’s why my homies let him live.
but friday night, she gone make him babysit.
we gone blow that haze a bit and get away from all of it.
see it’s not right but it’s okay, you see our love’s just not the same.
’cause any woman lacking love’s ent-tled to a get-away.


[seinfeld skit]

versatility is everything. shoutout to all the uh, intuitions, secrets, ya know?

[verse 2:]
uh, good love… and i can do that for her.
i can do it to a n-gg-, make a pull on her.
it’s temporary l-st, you need an in-showing.
now for this time being, let’s be in love with the moment.
okay you dancin’, drinkin’ on your last one.
i’m just tryna poke her face, that’s why i got my hand in.
grown man sh-t, tonight, no romance sh-t.
and you should make this bedroom like a monday night at magic.
like a gigi mcguire, now let me up inside.
i give you that m-ssage; good hygiene is required. i don’t want no dirty junk.
i just want a girly-girl that own a rack of jordans but don’t sport ’em ’cause she love her pumps.
give my love to no one else. kiss that cookie ’til it melt.
i am going underwater… michael phelps!
do it ’til i’m tired or your homegirl can provide the help or you can be ms. independent-
make that movie by yourself!


[verse 3:]
okay, i think this time we make moves. no clothes required here.
shawty, can i taste you after that moscato hit?
we both grown and i don’t care. not so fast, don’t tie yo’ hair.
she say, “my love is outta here.” she out of all her outerwear.
and i am real and i am raw.
but don’t go in raw ’cause i’m prepared.
see that’s a hazard if y’all ain’t know.
i got them gold wrappers like 500 sold.
got that deep love, purify that woman so.
get it so good, i make that mothaf-cka somersault.
tell me anything you want, i’m a keep that on the low.
i just wanna please you so tell me where i need to go.
downtown, downtown, i know that you is freaky so.
if ya man can’t keep up with you then i think he need to go;
downtown, downtown, i know that you is freaky so.
if ya man can’t keep up with you, put my number in ya phone.


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