158 jwlr (interlude) – will noon كلمات اغنية

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158 kartel its a banger!

yo i got a bunch of real n*ggas around me right now
bout to set this sh*t off real quick

walk in this b*tch
i feel like big papa
ace flocks
known to carry knockers
beat up the block
i feel like a boxer
beat her perdonis
i lost my boxers
i do a drill
bumpin biggie’ who shot ya
opps broke tellem get they racks up
step on the court tryna get my stats up
b*tch buggin told her not to act up
i get racks boy like john paulson
stonecold stunner like im steve austin
up this b*tch
im finna torch’em
beat his ass like im roy jones
not in the mood b*tch go home
556 flyin’ through ya dome
kick in ya trap and call it my home
that n*gga running but where is you goin’
gun him down throw him in the ocean
glock and my sprite
this sh*t is a potion
i walk on the beat
and doin’ it smooth
i gotta the drip
i got the flu
rich junky always on the moon
stuck in the trap
im whipping up food
catch a opp
now he on the news
yo tell these f*ck n*ggas
stop playin with us
we on a mission boy

hold on
the jwlr’s bout to pullup


woke up, big bone
bad b*tch on my d*ck , get dome
flex it , get in my zone
hot sauce drip bro get ya own
get big boss capone
jwlr got that ice and cones
dior cologne
she won’t leave my ass alone
put me on the tag
you dont wanna match
imma go ham
like a runningback coming from deep
i dont need a map
i know where im at
number one spot
headed for it
get outta my seat
n*ggas wanna talk
never wanna walk
puttin in the work
know im on my sh*t(my sh*t)
i been on the road
breaking through the walls
like a juggernaut
cause a n*gga dont quit
you done played a fool
if you tell ya moves
so i move quiet so they cant assume
see a n*gga winnin’
now im in the rooms
got the canon on me
scopin’ wit’ the zoom
been on big sets
with the big checks
learnin’ everything about the business
build my networth
with my network
addin value til’ i finesse

- will noon كلمات اغنية