to transcend bitterness – witchcraft كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1]
talking in the glowing
the globe and beyond
yo sticky sticky with sweet amber
feeding the starving children
children divide up loving parents
but anger turns it a cynical cravings
blinded by those tears can tell

[verse 2]
grown adults given
relation of power
now tell me how do we clench this fire
because i am the weapon antic-p-ted
and i guess this is our destiny
cycle social construction
i did not stand a chance of triumph

[verse 3]
let this go focus inwards dig deeper
fulfill your calling you go wide now step aside
to transcend bitterness
to take the good
and see it for what it really is

[verse 4]
oh yes you dress in wrecks of you
it’s like you never understood
i’m with you but please excedinate
all before you throw your mind stones

- witchcraft كلمات اغنية