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“reefer party”
(feat. chevy woods & neako)

[wiz khalifa]
thousand pounds of weed
riding in my car so fast i wont turn down the speed
them hoes don’t use they feet no more, they break down to their knees
and suck me like a king
rose in my champagne gl-ss and diamonds in my ring
uh, roll some, that’s your b-tch on my d-ck, i might let her hold something
you n-gg-s smoking sevens imma need a whole onion, whole youngin, oh
same ones that hate, same ones that tag along
no blackberry, too many lame n-gg-s call my phone
call me world wide wiz cause i’m never home
ever leave me round your b-tch i’mma get her stoned
and you know that, i rock camos and throwbacks
and go download some of my old track and go play somewhere there’s hoes at
f-cking high, and you down there where them lows at
gettin tired of hearing my flow jacked go head hand me a joint you cant roll that

i got a whole lot of og, and i’m rolling up for anyone in here that knows me
everybody smoking, yeaaaaaaaaa its a partyyyyyyyy, oh, its a party
everybody smoking papers, n-body smoking blunts
b-tches rolling weed and my n-gg-s f-cked up
yeaaaaaaaaa its a partyyyyyyyy, oh, its a party

[chevy woods]
quarter pound of that sour, that’s four days on tour
sleeping on how we smoke, see all these pillows on this floor
every state we score, fill those papers they be raw
look like a piece of chalk in my hand but i ain’t writing on the chalkboard
and i heard its a party, its a party its a party but i’m cool
them n-gg-s smoking garbage, i’m no fool
we give 5 j’s out half zips? n-gg- that’s really smoking
ain’t enough weed up in that swisha to get you high, you joking
n-gg-s claim that they be high, they be h-lla low
when they gang up in the building you gon’ smell that sour smoke
i could get that sh-t from my backyard, go pick it out myself
yellow light let me slow it down, n-gg-s need some help
28 ain’t enough you need more
all this weed over here, that’s 1 weed jar
when them planes get the flying, n-gg-s wanna part
smoking crash with the plane, amelia earhart


what i smoke in one day, these n-gg-s don’t smoke in one week
riding round and its just me, pepsi can, playing that bun b
gotta smoke that dope on the run with me, comfortably, i’m smoking weed
doing speeds, who with me, probably a chick from tmz
i make her roll like two or three, let her smoke and feel the breeze
ya’ll chip in on a half a zip, counting grams, saving weed
average sh-t, it was us just smoking out in ny
swear to god we let ten fly, that’s ten planes with ten guys
nine smoke, meaning someone left without his mind pot
planes continental, flights nonstop
you get some zips, well get some p’s
smoke your spliffs and ragged b-tch tell me how does she breath
perfect planes, we call them g6′s
and its just me chilling, me and three b-tches
rolling up its cool, come take this bong rip
pack this bold straight dope, make your lungs rip


- wiz khalifa كلمات اغنية