32brisk – wombino كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i’m on my p and q sh*t
i dream lucid
i don’t need to prove it
i just tee and shoot it
call me stupid ‘cuz we too lit
got that crew fit with a snap back
hate me ‘cuz we clap back
hit me up on snapchat
asking me where all the racks at
(where you at though?)

try and roll with us, you smoking blunts? yea ain’t it fun (huh)
jamming in the sun, we sipping gin and maybe rum (yea)
ain’t it great to contemplate the ratchet sh*t we done (hey)
how we make and take that pape, we spending all our funds (yea)

flexing in the club call me all might
in that off*white
spitting h*lla cold feel the frostbite
i’m a boss, right?
for the klondike start a bar fight
even if i’m wrong, i’ll write
motherf*cka k!ll me on sight
i don’t really f*ck with the hype
yea, i got sauce in my life
i’m raw on the mic
you all just awful
talking bout your flows
cut you off with a knife (booooo)
i don’t really fit in the rapper scene, honestly
probably light me up with a magazine, atrophy
i don’t wanna brag but my pocket green
i’m not afraid to get paid to be me
people been asking me
“dan, what you mean?
don’t waste your life, man. it’s just a dream.”
i don’t want closets of gucci and bape and supreme
i just feel like they’re lost in the seams

they just wanna be me
i just wanna pop on the t.v
no i won’t stop ‘til you’re watching me in 3d
i ain’t drinking water from the faucet only fiji
dripping with the sauce, boy i’m making it look easy
telling me i’m going too hard at the start (yea)
man, don’t blame me i’m raising up the bar
looking at the stars, that might be mars
i’m half awake, what happened “after dark”? (huh)

what’s your point? well here’s a dart
you shoot to miss, bet i’mma make a mark
you take a p*ss while i’m making art
too scared to f*ck with me, d*mn he’s smart (uh)
false alarm, i’m not unarmed (yea)
i mean you harm and want you gone
i just heard your songs
i think they’re dumb
they’re lacking flavor try to add some parmesan (yea yea)
dropping bombs now it won’t be long
you can sift through my rubble like babylon
i’ve been cleaning up since the crack of dawn
and i’m clutching hope like this microphone
i don’t like your tone you better shut your mouth
not like these lils who just diss for clout
not the type not what i’m about
keep working hard till i’m the best sh*t out

oh my p and a sh*t
(that’s it cut it)
on my on my on my
on on my p and q q q
(yea i’m on my p and q sh*t)
i dream lucid lucid lucid

- wombino كلمات اغنية