3020 winona ryder – working on dying & asaad كلمات اغنية

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i’m working on dying
wake up in my glory early morning
supermodel call a taxi cab take her home
told my n*ggas quit the b*tching i ain’t taking long
rocking bubble gum smoking [?]
and i ain’t telling the colour of the new white lighter
n*ggas see the style and get so inspired
[?] full of rick owens my b*tch went on a ride
’bout to put my page on private, you are not invited
and i’m only popping percs when i’m flying private
dollar signs on my legs see it through these eye lens
if i sell a hundred sweats, that’s a hundred thousand
water these n*ggas running out of, i’m a f*cking fountain
i still need hawaiian punch coming out my fountain
lord camping vibеs like i’m in the mountains
my newborn so i’m sеrving junkains
newborn so i keep it bouncing
new ora’s new colours new vision
i just left avianne got my neck avianning

- working on dying asaad كلمات اغنية