wumbo = wild cypher reddit rec – wumbo كلمات اغنية

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ain’t stoppin flow got they pantys droppin
just tryna get my nuts all up into this ratchets socket
so i grip the beat and i sasquatch it padlock it
put your head on the curb and stomp it
im the d-mn bombest test it or scantron it
f-ck what yall say in the d-mn comments
sick spitter and i been sprayin this d-mn vomit
go out and learn you some phonics
hydroponics i be on it
reddit lets be honest
if it comes to knuckles
yall runnin like sonic
i dont lack knowledge cuz i never got a scholarship
im aware of the law just fail to acknowledge it
this that hotter sh-t marajuana lit b-tches on the tip
pressin jizz on yall faces when you step to this
im the president p-ssin excellence steal your benjamins
krusty membership, givin reddit rappers brain hemmerages
i promise yall goin remember this
sunny d real yall just some f-ckin pretenders b-tch

- wumbo كلمات اغنية