open letter freestyle – wyclef jean كلمات اغنية

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action chip told me finish that cheese first boy
turn up my guitar
ladies and gentlemen
first hip-hop guitarist
oh yall gonna learn
i found my balance again
wyclef the general, turn up
hip-hop guitarist, stay on my jimi hendrix

(verse 1)
if tenor saw was here he’d say
ticky ticky tock on my golden hen
she layin next to this gentlemen
sometimes glock 9, sometimes mac-10
turn me up
whenever she lay, she sing a sweet song
coot coot coot, coot lay low
hey, it’s time to teach ‘em bro
hey, they got to learn bro
real talk jay, i was with bill clinton
on a air force one headed down to my island
i’m the one they boarded when they wanted to keep the peace
united nations know the gangs would listen to me
brad pitt, angelina jolie brought them out to haiti
this is before the earthquake’s on your tv’s
used to go to dc, see nancy pelosi
i spoke in front of congress fighting for my country
but once i decided that i’mma run for president
my whole life changed in a split second
now i understand the hidden outlaw on the dollar
they never let a n-gg- that had a power
in the final hour i’m with wolf blitzer on cnn
then felt my const-tution got twisted with sean’s penn
even my bandmate said i wasn’t fit
but i can see the future, nostradamus
they took me out the race said i had no resident
but i’m so powerful i made my man the president
lost 20 mill when i decided to run
but i’mma make it all back with my next alb-m
who god bless man no man can curse
how worse can it get, man i used to eat dirt…

hip-hop guitarist
hip-hop guitarist, stay on my jimi hendrix
yall gon learn

(verse 2)
in the hood they used to call me
the baddest with a venezuelan flow, hugo chavez
everything i say know gotta make sense
cause i be gone with the wind
now i understand the mathematics of the one
when they say there’s nothing new under the sun
ain’t no illuminati here they just tryna scare you here
cause if we ever join forces we be nuclear
i made the labels rich now it’s time to build an empire
then i’mma retire cause even the pope gets tired
they call me general, canons h-t your walls
two kings can’t reign, one gotta fall
and that’s rom for you, that’s streets for you
everybody got a set of goons ready to get you
and them same goons that’s ready to kill for you
twelve disciples, somebody judas
somebody snitching, giving information
then it’s immigration, then it’s deportation back on a island
this is more then a run on sentence
my raps are true life events
the general man i’m back with the info
did you know a haitian was the founder of chicago?
jean baptiste if you wanna google search up a haitian on the map
all y’all do is google earth

from haiti landed on flatbush
from flatbush walk to new jersey
new jerusalem, i’m talkin brick city
not many like me in the semi treaty
from movin brick in the brick city
brick city and the brick city


april showers, go
all hands on deck, refugee republic
i stay on my jimi hendrix

- wyclef jean كلمات اغنية