0-1000 – xtalik كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: talik]
yeah, and all of the above man. wooh

i’m not a rapper, i just rhyme
i throw those coins like i flip my dimes
cause my sh-t is ice cold, something like my wrist
d-ck so hard that you swore it was my fist
came in here to murder n-ggas, and that’s it
like a constipated guy, i dont give a sh-t
if you f-cking with me, then you must be a b-tch
dude i ain’t a p-ssy but yes i get it
talk down to me, and watch you get ripped in small pieces
holy moly sweet jesus
i talk with movement so my vision never ceases
i’m walking high stride, the sky where i reside
bad -ss no need to hide, my k!lls : elfenlied
well actual the vectors, i’m k!lling all you textures
i’m wrapping up like condoms, to girl loving my metics
i build up like tetris, last hit like nexus
another league for you b-tches, call me cheryl tiegs
n-ggas ain’t listening, you can clear out your wax
i’m rising like the tax, stay pulling out racks
go forward like this track, no train, soul pain
leave you crying in the rain, got a machete man
gonna take some heads, no state but this sh-t this one of a kind
this is survival of the fittest
like my name was darwin, determined to stay f-ck b-tches
pulling britches down, her name was carmen
karma gonna be a b-tch, when i’m finished with this b-tch

[verse 2: talik]
yeah, let me start off like ekko, so you can save your seconds
i go top lane and jungle f-ck your adc preference
i came through like zilean, clock power a billion , my bars a trillion. wrecking like im ralph,wearing blue like alph
wearing red like wayne, drop bombs : hussein
i’m independent man, call me thomas paine
i bet you like my flow
plowing through these green like i was on a farm
yeah b-tch i’m lucky, i am my own charm
if you don’t like this sh-t, then you like self harm
no harm done, i’m not done son
out on these streets like i’m styling a bum
got some d-mn swedish fish, and some f-cking dum dums
just sh-tted on you n-ggas, as if i had the runs
no usain bolt, i’m static like a jolt
gauging 6 to 9 volts, i never stop and halt
i hand there like a dingle berry, fly like a tooth fairy
you just been entertained by talik singletary

- xtalik كلمات اغنية