321 – yoootyy كلمات اغنية

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yessuhhh haha
(mathias haha)


this a freestyle hoe i made my own way
b*tch i grew up in philly and i grew up in bay
if you try me like a hoe ima pull up where you stay
n**** that’s on gang ima roll you in my game
smoke you like a eighth then go f*ck all on yo bae
ima put this d*ck all on her face
that b*tch triflen she’s easy to replace
she’s tryna f*ck b*tch i just want the brain
put it in her mouth ask the b*tch how it taste
i’m with my boys and you know we hittin’ stains
rocking up da quala while you talkin’ to da jakes
on god if you try me like ima hoe
like a green light b*tch you know i’m on go
f*ck with my set and you know i’m uppin poles
shout*out hotboii dat n**** run the o
p*ssy playing games when hе know it’s really smoke , yeah
[keano b]

yеah fate to be a bad kid (d*mn)
born to be a savage yeah yeah
i’m choked up cause i’m drowning (aye)
in the hate of my surroundings yeah
baby don’t call on me
everybody just wanna go hard like me
n0body gonna do it just like keano b
yeah i been on my grind since abc’s
aye i pull up to the mother f*cking abc
i get beers, liquor, and a f*cking pound of weed
moving that sh*t like a pound a week
yeah brotha got the stick and a glock*19
had to get up when i was down, awake
show these motherf*ckers how to be a king
yeah when you in my town yeah you’ll hear them ringing
just know no one sending f*ckin shots at me


p*ssy don’t play when it’s really on sight
i told her suck my d*ck yeah don’t f*ckin bite
4 up in my soda b*tch you know it’s dirty sprite
and i’m getting money might go cop a motorbike
or a new patek b*tch yeah that’s straight ice
and i’m f*ckin models you f*ck dikes
n****s playin round but they really finna die
any n***a try me ima put them in the sky
that’s on my guys , make you f*ckin fly
got it out the mud but that sh*t was a struggle
had nothing on my plate i got it outta muscle
n***a try me , ima up my f*ckin kutta
put it to yo dome make it da da da da da da
f*ck with t cause he always kept it thousand
these hoes really triflen yea tell em stay from round me
pourin’ up da fanta and i’m finna pop a addy
ima smoke a zip then go get f*ckin tatted
p*ssy run up on me ima put him in a casket

- yoootyy كلمات اغنية