problem’s – young diamond كلمات اغنية

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so many problems
so many problems
i wish they could all go away
i got so many problems
i got problems baby
so much
i got problems baby
so much
i got problems baby
i got problems
i got problems
i got problems up the street
i got problems in my house
i got problems on the bus
i got problems out of my house
problems on the block
problems with my cellphone
problems with every sh-t
man i wish i was gone
d-mn how i could i make
all those problems go away
problems in the hood
yeah sometimes
the haters wanna fight me
problems at my house
when i come
sh-t get crazy
always in an argument
can’t take it anymore
i don’t know
what should i do
my head is f-cked up
smoke some weed
trying to get the stress
but its limited
after all my high gone
d-mn i come to normal sense
then i start to think of all
my problems all over again
oh d-mn
maybe if i sing a song
when i sing a song
i believe my problem gonna be gone
i believe singing gonna let me be
but the more i sing songs
the more problems
i get
maybe i should change my name to
then when i think of taylor gang
i see this guy rapping
his name is problem
or maybe i should do it
when i was younger
they use to tell me
i’m the child with problems
if i think of it smarter
i should name my self
problem child
i got 99 problems
like jay z
and my b-tch is one
this sh-t is crazy
my girl always giving me problems
yeah that’s me
i got problems with my b-tch
cause life is crazy
she always giving me att-tude
always arguing
always telling me something
like beg your pardon
yeah you know
she walk up to me
trying to make me jealous
this b-tch is crazy
i got problems maybe
as it if i sing a song
it would all go away
but my songs
still stuck
i got problems
i don’t know what to do
all i could think of
i don’t know
i got problems baby
so much
i smoke weed
trying to get away from my problems
so much
i sing a couple songs
wishing it go away
oh no
i got working problems
oh oh
every time i go to work
i got problems
co workers giving me stress
i got problems
i hate to work
cause haters
always disrespect
always wanna tell me this and that
always wanna give me stress
wanna do with that
i tell everybody
that’s a fact
i got girl problems
i got hood
i got working problems
i got everything
i got so many problems
don’t know what to do
sometimes i wonder if i’m crazy
i try to stay true
but life is life
sing a song
my problems won’t go away
the more i sing song
the more problems come to me
life is crazy
somebody help me

- young diamond كلمات اغنية