120 hours – young sambito كلمات اغنية

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[intro: josh maitre]
sambito wooo
make it hot man
young sambito make it hot

[verse 1: josh maitre]
i got the whole world to see
but will i see it’s entirety
i got tricks up my sleeve
i show em off but just quietly
i steal the show without committing a crime
it’s legal robbery
corroborate impossibly with all my problems probably
putting me on a pedestal
i go fast as the pedals go
thinking bout my opportunities
laid out they like precious gold
thinking bout it
i wish i had a good hold on my life
but the hate that people share these days brings my dreams outta sight
get a hold of my soul
and when you do
hold me tight
never know when letting others go thеir separate ways is evеn right
i go out in the big open world
and show my stripes
feeling like
i’m inside a movie tarantino kubrick like
you and me
we share a few things
let me explain
cause we both want success and we wanna spread our name
the differences we share
are abundant, you know why
i have my own style while you’re the same as those other guys
i’m like the petro
gassing myself up before i get going
say what i feel like i need to say
and then i let go
my temperament is evident from everything i ever spit
i wanna spread the positivity but i give in a bit
like woah
saving the greatest for later
i don’t even know where i’m going with this
i could be given a spotlight moment but still i would try to tell you why i’m p*ssed
writing my lyrics like telling a story
i’m telling the story of me of sambito
we felt like making a boom bap beat
so we started to iron it out like magneto
k!lling the moment we go through the motion
we swimming the ocean of rap
so many styles and sub genres it’s hard to find one that working like that
it hurts me to say but i feel like i’m bout to explode just like a dying star like a supernova
but the greatest hit from me ain’t here yet
don’t try to tell me and my guys it’s over
we over that
like an umbrella
and the rain
what could be causing disdain
i spit when i feel like i’m gon go insane
don’t know what’s in my brain
but let me write it down give me sp*ce
a whole novel like steven king
cause this really is it
the time frame at the moment
will just be a blip
[verse 2: josh maitre]
i always wanted people to tell me they like my music
and now i hear it all the time
i’m starting to get to it
one day
i’m gonna give back to all my fans
and my supporters who told me that i’m the man
that’s the greatest part of life
makes me wanna work harder
and harder
and be like my father
providing and supplying my family just like a martyr
you could never pick a better way to show love
than to go out and preach to the world what lives above
that’s some real talk man
i’m not just here for the fun of it
i want fans in the numbers to be like new york not nunavut
they squander what the truth is
but truth is
it never fails
we try to write our own stories but in comparison it pales
it derails
and we spare the details
and we telling tall tales
we telling y’all tales
i’m flipping my life upside down
showing my courage and burying everything else
cause everything else would just get in the way so i’m keeping negativity on the shelf
telling the world i don’t need help
but i know i can’t just rely on myself
i need to advance and show i’m the man
so i’m throwing it all the window oh well
keep it on the down low
but i’ve been thinking less when i flow
so my mind opens up like a coconut
and i’m smoother with it when i go
yet i’m still chopping up beats
but that’s for sambito not me
so i let him do his thing
and i just talk over the beat
and i geek

- young sambito كلمات اغنية