10k – ysn da don كلمات اغنية

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my reflection it changed

i see the pain in your ways

stuck inside my thoughts yeah i run through this maze

10k on your body it make you act different

how you my mans and you gon act different?

show to much love to be ass kissing

i was down*bad now my bag hitting

hear the beat the track kicking

im like 10k made this song up in like 10 days

i done felt so much neglection

yeah yeah

walk around in your hood without no protection
you was my brother but we wasn’t on the same times

you was still preaching them same lies

she got roland tatted on her lips i dont know who she be loving on

she a baba i dont know who she be sucking on

we up now smoking on duck duck goose

she love the way i talk yeah she loving all my moves

20k in my pocket i be running up these blues

i made you cry

i fed you all these lies

made you painless overtime

i was off percocets i was feeling dangerous

walking thru puddles full of shame

i know my direction they tryna switch up my lanes
yeah yeah

10k i could k!ll ya mother in 10 ways

have her ona shirt saying r.i.p in 10 days

i could never act different 10k could make you sag different

this is what that pain do walk around with my head down

chatting on my name better step down

you can get hit with this 30 round make you laugh different

put you ina casket

we gonna hit your mother house we gon tag it

hmmm hmmm(harmonizes)

this is what that pain do

- ysn da don كلمات اغنية