100 % – ysn r$ كلمات اغنية

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intro: ay 12 am ay 100 %

verse 1:
ay it’s another open the curtains yeah it’s 12am i’m gonna be rich 100 %. watch the view open the drain when i switch to the flow i be bouncing
on the shop till i drop, my homies won’t talk doing freestyle on the late night i be shocked till i fight. i just wanna be on the sight my day one homies
won’t die. ay i’m the next target
free my homies blow up the scarf zip the
curtains. wait till i be nice zoom
to the call we pop sh*t

verse 2: peak the hits i be leaping them flows, came or the show i act different gotta treat u like my own friend
clean the building the beat go hard i ain’t a choppa they think i’m in the shop yeah. ay pull up the steam that’s what they call me. breaking them laws breaking them claws. yeah catch the at hop in the car we haven’t went that far

- ysn r كلمات اغنية