3am – stripped version – yuandirty كلمات اغنية

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wake up in my bed with the thoughts stuck in my head
my wrists are lookin’ red coz of all the blood i shed, okay

shorty broke my heart & i just don’t know where to start
thing just fell apart & now i’m just picking up my heart

please stop babe, can you go away from me?
you can babe, erase all this memories
i’m too f*cked up to all of the things you said
i hate your words when you said you want me dead

you broke my heart again & again
oh no, you dont understand
you said “just forget”
i left no time to regret

“you said you love me , i don’t deserve your love”
its so hurt, i dont really miss you at all

cause i can erase, you wasting my time
i didn’t want to fall with you one more fight
im stacking my time you stacking your own
i hated , but its hard to let you go when im down

i cut so much tongue
& i don’t wanna see im blind, forget what we’ve been through
you will never wanna learn, but its hard to let go
like when you said you blind for a while

you feel okay when you go and you doubt me
i k!ll my honestly, you don’t even watch me
you are tempting, but its not even me

- yuandirty كلمات اغنية